Jeff Kaine

I am Jeff Kaine. I am not Geoff Kaine, yet that misspelling often happens. Yes, I am the one and only Jeff Kaine. I am not Jeffrey Kaine, I do not like being called that name at all – I prefer to be known as Jeff Kaine. So what does Jeff Kaine do for a living I hear you ask? Well, I am freelance and I will do anything, well almost anything that helps me get my bread buttered at the end of the week. LOL.

Jeff Kaine Photography

I have been known to take the odd photograph, although calling me a photographer is pushing it a bit. You can see examples of Jeff Kaine photography on my gallery page, and you will see that I do need to get around to improving my photo taking skills one day, and my photography page for that matter. Why would anyone want old Jeff Kaine to take photographs I don’t really know, but hey a guy has got to do something to earn his corn, and pay for his hobbies, wouldn’t you agree.